Our olive trees are based in the Sierra de Altamira (Carrascalejo, Cáceres - Spain), mountain range with excellent environmental factors and located within the Villuercas- Ibores-Jara Geopark, about 600 meters above Sea Level with excellent Environmental factors.

This is a mountainous massif included in the Central Iberian Zone of the Iberian Massif, Hesperian Massif, and more specifically in the mountainous system of Montes de Toledo.

Entorno del olivar de Oleoext: Sierra de Altamira, en los Montes de Toledo, Cáceres

This rich natural species diversification is possible because of the climate, geological resources and excellent levels of pollination.  Further it makes groves and agrifood products obtained from Them which acquire high quality levels Worthy gourmet category in the market.

Our Environment is composed about fertile valleys, diversity of orientations, abundant water and pleasant temperatures.

Olive grove

Our extra virgin olive oil, of Premium Quality, is being carefully cultivated on our olive trees. Applying ecological treatments and techniques we get our olive to submit vigor and fertility benefiting to obtain the best fruits of the tree.

El Olivar de Oleoext, en Carrascalejo, Cáceres. Extremadura

Activity in the olive grove is constant throughout the year: pruning to guide the best branches and renovation of old shoots, individualized natural fertilizer for each olive leaf and fruit analysis for pest prevention, analysis of flowering and pollination, individual control emitters to ensure water for irrigated olive groves, maintenance of the floor space each tree by plowing the land and individual Shredders machines, etc ....  All process are checked by advice of professionals in engineering. Agronomist with deep experience in the cultivation of olive trees.

50% of our olives has 2 feet structure with medium size open cup for ease of cultivation and harvesting of the fruit.

Picual variety, focusing on the characteristics of this type of olive, established crop is irrigated with natural water wells and drip system individually analyzed with flow control for each tree.

The olive groves are protected by fencing that prevents animal species to alter the development of Olives. They are also designed to be able to grow with adequate space, without risk or damage for each olive tree.

Vista aérea del olivar de Oleoext, en Carrascalejo, Cáceres, Extremadura

The average age of the trees is 40 years old, although we maintain the heritage of our ancestors with ancient certain species with excellent levels of performance and production.


Mediterranean area climate but with some variations due to the position and altitude of our environment and our olive groves . Rainfall concentrates in autumn , winter and spring , while it is absent in the summer season.

Average annual temperature of 13º although in some winter months frost and low temperatures are regulary while in the summer the opposite effect occurs.

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