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OleoExt has two totally different varieties of olives that are unique among themselves, Picual and Cornicabra. The outstanding climate and soil properties where our olive groves are located allow us to apply cultivation techniques for each variety in order to obtain the best fruit for making natural oil from olives.

Variedades Aceite Oliva Virgen OleoExt

Mono varietal olive oils obtained are sold separately to maintain the properties and nutritional values that identify each type of olive.


The Picual olive is the largest variety in the world and the main variety grown in Spain with its name derived from the shape of its beak fruit finish.

Early harvest provides the highest quality olive oil available, highlighting the high proportion of oleic acid. The yield of the fruit in oil production can reach 27% of its weight, as cultivation requires soil moisture, and therefore irrigation for each tree. Our olive groves are equipped with automatic drip irrigation, extracted from boreholes. We provide organic cultivation for optimal nutritional values ​​of our Picual oil variety.

The obtained olive oil is composed of fatty acids and balanced with lots of natural antioxidants. It is a balanced and stable olive oil because of its high content of oleic acid, low linoleic acid proportion and high concentration of polyphenols.

The quality of our product stands out in the persistence of its taste as apparent in a slightly spicy flavor. The unique taste proves to be ideal in order to enhance flavors in meats when marinated, prepared raw salads, and any dish that requires intense flavor with fruity aromas.


It is the second variety of olives grown in Spain with the name derived from its peculiar fruit, shaped like a curved horn.

 Its flowering is late along with the ripening of its fruit. These olives are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions and adapt to poor and dry soil conditions. Their fruit yield reaches around 20% of their weight with high fat values. 

An olive oil with beige tones and light-green hues, acquired by its fruity attributes, is sweet at first, followed by a bitter to medium spicy intensity after. It is high in monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) and polyphenols. 

With intense flavor, it has achieved versatility for use in cooking, always enhancing the flavor of food. It helps to produce high-performance chips, roasts and stirs well as a sauté and when used in fried pastries.