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Our olive trees are housed in the Geopark Villuercas-Ibores-Jara, approximately 600 meters above sea level, which provides excellent environmental factors to help us produce a high-level quality crop.

This is a mountainous massif included in the Central Iberian zone of the Iberian Massif, Hesperian Massif, and more specifically in the mountainous system of Montes de Toledo. 

A rich, natural-species diversification is possible due to the ideal climate, geological resources, and excellent levels of pollination available. Our groves, and the agri-food products obtained from them, achieve high quality standards worthy of a gourmet category in the marketplace.


Our extra-virgin olive oil is premium quality, due to careful cultivation of our olive trees. Applying proven ecological treatments and techniques, our olive trees show great fertility to obtain the best fruits from the tree. 

Activity in the olive grove is constant throughout the year. This includes:

  • Pruning to guide the best branches and renovation of old shoots.
  • Using individualized natural fertilizer for each olive leaf.
  • Conducting fruit analysis for pest prevention.
  • Analysis of flowering and pollination.
  • Implementing individual watering control emitters to ensure correct flow for irrigated olive groves.
  • Ensuring maintenance of floor space for each tree by plowing the land and using individual shredder machines, and more. 

Meticulous attention to the process has allowed 50% of our olives to have 2-foot structures with medium-sized open cups for the ease of cultivation and harvesting of the fruit. 

Picual variety-focusing on the characteristics of this type of olive, our established crop is irrigated with natural water wells and a drip system that we individually analyze with flow controls for each tree. 

The olive groves are protected by fencing, which prevents animal species from hindering the development of our olives, and is also designed to provide adequate space necessary to perform the cultivation work needed, without risking damage to any of our olive trees. 

The average age of our trees is 30 years; although we maintain the heritage of our ancestors with certain species of around 100 years old, which we have achieved excellent levels of performance and production.

Oleoext cosecha


Our trees are grown in in a typical Mediterranean-area climate with some variation due to the location and altitude of our groves.

The average annual temperature is 13º (Celsius), although in some winter months we see frost and very low temperatures with higher temperatures during the summer.

The changes in temperature are less extreme compared to other nearby regions especially when comparing the winter and summer seasons of these regions.