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    Family Pack

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  • Pack Regalos
    Gifts Pack

    Full Box Mono Variety Extra Virgin...

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Based in the Sierra de Altamira mountain range in Cáceres-Spain, within the Villuercas, Ibores-Jara Geopark, which provides excellent environmental factors for growing and cultivating olives, is where OleoEXT was born.

Nuestro Aceite

 Two generations of our family have dedicated ourselves to producing and distributing the finest extra virgin olive oil. Using natural, proven techniques of olive cultivation we continuously strive to produce the highest quality products. Enjoy the best Spanish EVOO varieties: Picual and Cornicabra—both containing high levels of vitamin E.

Three keys make the difference, our own olive groves, limited production and early harvest. This is OleoEXT. 

At the peak harvesting time we pick and process our olives to quickly be treated in a private mill using the latest technology in the manufacturing process and privately owned tanks. The result is high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained directly from olives by using only mechanical means.

After conducting the appropriate analytical and taste tests at official laboratories, and after getting the associated results, we proceed to the stages of packaging Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. We pack and ship Extra-Virgin Olive Oil for use for professional chefs, as well as for your table at home, special event gifts, supermarkets, the finest delicatessens, etc. We produce gourmet quality Olive oil for both domestic and professional use.

OleoEXT, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, natural olive juice obtained exclusively from healthy and select fruits carefully collected at the optimal point of maturity.